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The InCharge has revolutionised the world of ergonomic work chairs. A minimalist and aesthetic range of ergonomic work chairs designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1998. The InCharge is an elegant chair in a functional and timeless design for the modern and future workplace.

The philosophy behind Nanna Ditzel's design builds on the idea of being active and strengthening the body through a natural balance, even when sitting down. The chair puts you in control of your changing work positions throughout the day.

The seat is designed based on human anatomy and is pelvis-shaped to give you an optimal sitting posture. The shape encourages a natural S-curve to form in your spine, and prevents your back from slumping as it often does on a conventional chair.

The InCharge chair allows you to move your legs freely. The height adjustment allows you to always sit at a height that gives you the best working posture.

The small hump at the front prevents you from sliding off the chair, even though you may be sitting higher up than on a normal chair. 

You need an open angle in your hip joints when you sit on the chair, and you should be able to reach the ground with feet flat. It is worth slightly changing the height of the chair throughout the day to vary your sitting posture. This is easy thanks to the gas cartridge.  

As the chair doesn't take up much room, you won't find yourself bumping into cabinets, couches or colleagues as you move around on the chair, which is equipped with nice, smooth-running casters.

The chair comes with a choice of two covers, carefully selected by the experts we work with. Read more about the fabrics under covers. Other fabrics are available to order, but this does involve a lead time of at least 6 weeks and an added cost of DKK 1000 excl. VAT.

This chair is designed mainly for environments where a high standard of hygiene is essential.

Compound is the artificial leather material recommended for those professions where hygiene is a high priority. It is made of 100% polyurethane. It is “Greenguard and Greenguard Gold” certified and Phthalate free. It is the preferred cover in dental and hospital.

The cover can easily be cleaned with water-based cleaner or in the washing machine at 60 °.

Comfort +  is a soft and comfortable artificial leather material which is a bit reminiscent of suede. It contains 88% polyester and 12% polyurethane. We can recommend this material for all professions also at home. Comfort + is Oeko-Tex certified as it contains 37% recycled fibers.

The cover can be washed at 60 ° in the machine, with a shrinkage of 2%, however, most stains can be easily removed with soap and a wrung out cloth.

Victory leather is a natural, soft and robust material that we can recommend for both the private and public sector.

Leather is easy to clean if you follow these instructions: Use a 1/2 deciliter of soap flakes for one liters of hot water. Whisk the soap flakes in the water. When the water becomes room temperature, the foam should be applied with a soft cloth. Use only the foam and avoid softening the leather. When the leather is dry, polish it with a soft, dry cotton cloth.

Which height should you choose? 

The height of your chair should generally be based on your own height. For example, if you're a woman measuring 168 cm, we recommend a medium setting. Exceptions may of course apply depending on where and how you intend to use the chair. If in doubt about which height you need, please call us on tel.: 4675 0970 or write to us at 

The chart below shows you which chair heights we recommend for your height: 

 Woman Man
Under 162 cm - Small Under 170 cm - Small
160 - 173 cm - Medium 168 - 183 cm - Medium
Over 170 cm - High Over 180 cm - High

Remember you need to sit higher than on a regular chair with open angles at the hips and knees.

Sit Strong

Why choose a chair from Dynamostol?

You have to because..

The seat is specially designed to keep your pelvis and spine straight so you don’t slouch as you would do in an ordinary chair.

The chair helps all the central muscle groups to have full mobility. It might take you a few weeks to train your back muscles, but it is worth the effort, and for every day sitting on your chair, you will feel that you are getting stronger and stronger in your core muscles.

The core muscles, also called the body's trunk, consists of deep muscles that support the spine and pelvis, ie. primarily the muscles around the abdomen and back.

Sit Strong

A strong body trunk is the whole foundation for virtually all the movements you make in everyday life and it has a huge impact for your well-being. Without strength in this part of your body you will collapse in the back, get a bad posture and the possibility of getting other problems is huge. .

And there are more positive consequences. Your blood circulation improves and your ligaments work optimal. When you sit on a chair from Dynamostol, the diaphragm is more relaxed, giving you a better breathing. Because your upper body can move more freely, you get rid of them usual strains of shoulders, arms and neck.