Why do we need ergonomic office chairs 
to sit actively?

Active sitting is an investment in your health

On average, everyone of working age has five days off sick a year due to back pain caused by bad posture. You have the opportunity to strengthen your core when sitting on a Dynamostol chair and thus avoid becoming another statistic.

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Alex- Dynamostol Chair user


Using his chair
every day

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Materials and colors


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Designer Nanna Ditzel


Designed by Nanna Ditzel

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  The Elegant Ergonomic Office Chair

That strengthens your core every day

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Back pain provided the inspiration needed to bid the conventional office chair farewell!

The moment you realise you’re sitting on a good idea

What do you do when your back hurts so much that you can’t bear to sit on a regular office chair? Claus Lundsgaard invented an office chair on which he could sit actively and strengthen his body.

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