Read about the thinking behind Dynamostol

What do you do when your back pain is so severe that you can’t sit on a regular office chair? Fuelled by the curiosity of a proactive inventor and foresighted entrepreneurial spirit, Claus Lundsgaard, the founder of Dynamostol, set out to design a chair that would change the way we sit. Claus wanted to help people enjoy a working life without back pain caused by too many hours of inactivity in front of the desk. At the age of 55, Claus therefore chose to look into what he could do to improve his office chair. How could he prevent back, neck and head ache and help himself and others to sit more actively?

The first prototype was inspired by the cowboy’s saddle. But pelvis-shaped.

In 1982, Claus had the first prototype ready of a chair that encouraged activity rather than passivity. He had been inspired by his travels to America, where he had observed cowboys on horseback all day long without experiencing pain in their back and shoulders. They were tired after a long day out in the wilderness, but they were strong and healthy because they were active and constantly in motion. The prototype would, over time, become our Classic chair.

Farewell to the conventional office chair!

When Claus founded Dynamostol 35 years ago, the idea was that you could sit strong by sitting actively and innovatively. The conventional office chair had armrests and a backrest. Its most important function was to fulfil the need to sit at a desk for many hours every day – passive and focused on one’s work. Like Claus, many office workers were forced to take time off work with back pain – the inactive sitting posture weakened muscles and bones, and the digestive system stopped working properly because the abdominal area was squashed together in a way that it wasn’t supposed to be.

Pioneer Claus Lundsgaard was ahead of his time

It was not until later that knowledge about active sitting postures – which our proactive founder had realised in the early 80s – became widespread. We are delighted that there are now many chair manufacturers who design chairs for people who want to stay fit and sit actively on their chair, which strengthens rather than weakens their body.

New generation at the helm

In 2002, Jacob Lundsgaard, Claus Lundsgaard’s son, took over the day-to-day management of Dynamostol. Like his father, Jacob is visionary. He has launched a new design collaboration, and his commitment rubs off on the six of us who also work at the company.

The basic values and thinking upon which Claus founded Dynamostol have not changed – on the contrary, we have developed and built on them.

Focusing on design and functionality, we aim to create good, healthy products that promote an active lifestyle and a healthy working environment, leaving everyone revitalised and with more energy.