The chair that gives you the energy you need to deal with your patients

When you work at a dental clinic, your focus is constantly on your patients, so you need to be able to move around them easily and effortlessly. An active sitting posture ensures a constant supply of fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, giving you the energy to perform to the best of your ability, so the patient gets the best treatment and a positive experience.

When you sit on one of our beautiful chairs, developed with a focus on the pelvis and the human body, you sit actively with support to help maintain a healthy working posture. This way, it’s not the chair, but you who controls your body, actively improving your balance and strengthening your core – and thus your performance at work. You prevent work injuries such as pain in the lower back, neck and upper back and you have more energy to cope with the challenging postures that your work around the dental chair entails.

Our operator chairs for dental clinics – a fusion of ergonomics and design
Our active and iconic operator chairs make it easier for you as a dentist, dental hygienist or dental assistant to move around the patient. The small, 50 cm diameter foot base allows plenty of space for your legs, so you can move around easily. Many people working in the dental profession are big fans of our foot-operated chairs as they can raise and lower the chair without using their hands, raising hygiene standards at the clinic. Our seats with flex in the seat are also attractive for those with working postures that cause a strain. With flex, the seat follows your movements, so that the chair does not lock you in a certain sitting posture.

The chair that maintains your positive energy and concentration
When working with your patients, you need to remain focused on the smallest of details. This takes energy and mental resources. When you sit correctly and actively, you avoid becoming physically and mentally tired, and you can maintain your energy and a sense of well-being all day long. And this rubs off on the patient and the working environment. Because our chairs activate you and do not lock you in one posture, they ensure that you get a constant supply of fresh blood and oxygen to the brain and do not lose your concentration or become tired.

For those who work in a dental clinic, we recommend:
InCharge or ReForm – possibly with flex in the seat, which means that the seat can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. It can have a huge impact on your working day if your body is exposed to unfavourable postures that create an imbalance in the body. For sterile environments, it may be advantageous to acquire a foot-operated chair, as you can easily adjust the height of seat with your foot.

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