The healthy chair for those who work in the health sector

When you work in a clinic or hospital – as a doctor, nurse, reflexologist, ergotherapist, chiropodist or physiotherapist – both your body and mind have to be able to perform. An active sitting posture ensures a constant supply of fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, giving you the energy to perform to the best of your ability, so the patient gets the best treatment and a positive experience.

The chair that improves your concentration at the operating table
When working at and around the operating table, your concentration is vital. So you need a chair that supports you but doesn’t restrict your movement. With our chairs you can move freely, get around easily and your body and circulation are kept in motion. This supplies fresh blood and oxygen to the brain, allowing you to perform your demanding work at the operating table for many hours without getting tired.

Our chairs meet the high hygiene standards of hospitals
As the hygiene standards of clinics and hospitals are high, we recommend opting for Compound as a cover. Compound is made of a material that meets hygiene recommendations as it is easy to clean.

We recommend:
InCharge or ReForm – possibly with flex in the seat, which means that the seat can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. It can have a huge impact on your working day if your body is exposed to unfavourable working postures that create an imbalance in the body. Both models are available with foot-operated height adjustment, which can be advantageous in sterile environments as you can easily adjust the height with your foot.

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