The active chair for laboratory staff

We’ve designed chairs that promote a good working posture, even if you sit down all day and even if you often work in a concentrated forward-leaning position, take blood samples or work with pipetting. Our chairs activate your body, helping to avoid repetitive strain injury in work-related situations.

As a biomedical laboratory technician or industrial laboratory technician, you may often sit for hours in deep concentration over a desk. Typically leaning forward and with your arms in a position that can be a strain on your shoulders and neck. Or perhaps you take blood tests or work with pipetting, which also demands challenging postures. You should therefore choose a chair that supports your body and balance so that you avoid work-related injuries and pain.

The low chair for those who take blood samples
When taking blood samples, it is imperative to have a chair that allows you to sit at the same level as the patient. For you, we recommend a size S chair.

The medium chair is for those who sit at a desk in the laboratory.
If, as a laboratory technician, you spend a lot of time working in deep concentration at your desk, we recommend either InCharge, InCharge Flex or ReForm in medium – depending on your height.

The high chair for those who work with pipetting
If you work with pipetting, etc., and sit at a high desk, we recommend sitting on a high InCharge or ReForm in XL with a foot ring.

Our chairs meet the high hygiene standards of laboratories.
As the hygiene standards of laboratories are high, we recommend opting for Compound as a cover. Compound is made of a material that meets hygiene standards as it is easy to clean.

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