Which chair should I choose?

Our ergonomic chairs give you a healthy and active working posture, which can benefit almost everyone who sits down for many hours a day. To help us find the right model for you, start by selecting the work situation that applies to you below.


Our ergonomic chairs are very popular in clinics, as they provide excellent support in multiple working positions, are easy to move around on and are designed for optimum hygiene. Which type of clinic do you work in?


Doctors' surgery/therapist's practice




Our ergonomic office chairs acknowledge the body's need to sit actively, give you a dynamic sitting posture and a better working day. Our chairs are also beautiful and classic - simply choose a colour and cover to suit your surroundings.

Home office

Company office


When you care for others, you also need to care for yourself and your body. Our chairs can be adapted to suit the many different challenging work situations that can arise when you work with people. Which situation do you need your chair for?

Day care institution

Care home


Ergonomic work chairs

If you spend many hours a day working in a seated position, a good work chair is essential. Dynamostol offers several different ergonomic chairs , all of which give you an active sitting posture that your body will love you for. All the chairs in our range give you a dynamic sitting posture and acknowledge your exact needs, so that you avoid back, lumbar and shoulder pain, and enjoy a better and more effective working day. We offer a variety of different work chairs that will strengthen you and your body. Whether you work in an institution, an office environment or in the health sector, such as a dental clinic, hospital or laboratory, we have a chair guaranteed to suit you and your needs. Functionality is a priority for us, which is why all of our chairs come with wheels. This helps give you a flexible working posture; you are free to move around because the chair supports your body's movements.

A good work chair prevents back injuries

A good work chair from Dynamostol can help prevent the type of back injuries that many people suffer from when sitting down for many hours a day. All our ergonomic work chairs have been developed to provide a good work life without back pain from spending many passive hours in front of a desk and computer. That's why all of our work chairs are designed to keep the user active rather than passive, unlike conventional work chairs. Work chairs from Dynamostol support a healthy posture and the shape of the chair and seat help you and your body sit up straight all day long. Your arms, legs and shoulders are also free to move, which boosts your circulation. A good work chair can therefore help prevent back injuries and increase your level of comfort, even when you're sitting down for hours at a time.

Try out an ergonomic work chair – for 14 days

Want to prevent backpain with a good work chair? Then we recommend trying one of our ergonomic work chairs. We have a "try a chair for 14 days policy", where we offer free shipping, free return shipping (within the EU), and a full refund, if you wish to return the chair. This allows you to find out if the chair is for you and whether it meets your needs at work. If the chair isn't for you, we take it back at no extra cost. Read more about it at try our chairs here, or contact us today to hear more about your options. Please contact us on tel.: +4570881975 or e-mail us at info@dynamostol.dk, if you have any questions or need professional guidance to find your perfect work chair.