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    You can improve your chair with our quality spare parts - it will be as good as new

    We recognise that your chair plays an essential role in your daily comfort and work performance. That's why we offer high-quality spare parts that not only extend the life of your chair, but also allow you to customise it to your personal preferences and work needs.

    You can easily improve your chair and extend its lifespan by replacing the castors

    If your current castors are showing signs of wear and tear, we offer the perfect set of castors to renew and improve your chair's mobility. Our selection includes durable and soft castors that are easily replaceable and ensure your chair glides smoothly on different floor types - except carpets.

    Does your upholstery need an upgrade? Or are you looking for a new colour for your chair?

    You can easily give your chair a new look and customise it to your personal style and décor. Replacing the cover is also ideal if the current cover shows signs of wear or stains, so you can restore your chair's original look. You can replace the cover on InCharge chairs and the cover on Classic chairs.

    Replacing castors and covers is a simple process designed with usability in mind. Our goal is to make it easy for you to maintain and improve your chair effortlessly.

    Give your chair new life and enjoy the comfort and functionality it brings to your daily routine. We're here to make sure your chair stays in top shape and lives up to your expectations.

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