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We want you to experience the benefits of sitting actively for yourself. Once you try our chair, we are certain you will never look back. We therefore offer a 14-day trial period on your purchase, and if you want to return your chair, we pay for return shipping and offer a full refund.

Why try a chair from Dynamostol? If you sit badly, you work badly, and your concentration suffers. A poor sitting posture can in the long-term lead to lifestyle diseases and pain in your back, shoulders neck and head. Have you ever considered how many hours you spend sitting down over the course of a day? A frightening number of hours when you think about it! That’s why it’s extremely important to use a chair that allows you to sit actively, leaving you revitalised and with more energy.

We offer you the opportunity to try one or more of our chairs, and after 14 days we can take the chair back and refund your money.

Order your chair today and we’ll bring it to you within 2 - 6 days (free shipping in the EU).
If within the 14 days trial period you realise you don’t want to keep it, let us know and we’ll pick it up again - with a free return shipping and refund you the full amount of your purchase.


1. Find the chair you want to try.

2. Add it to your basket and place your order.

3. We ship your chair and charge the payment.

4. If you want to return the chair, you only have to contact us within 2 weeks of receiving the chair, then we will help you returning the chair and refund your money.


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