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Ergonomic office chairs

Dynamostol's 3 models, InCharge, ReForm and Classic, are all well-suited to the office environment.

These ergonomic office chairs help you strengthen your body while you sit down and work. The chairs have been designed to help the body sit actively, so that you avoid injuries associated with spending long days working at your desk.

Which office chair should you choose?

We have three models of office chairs for you to choose from:

InCharge, ReForm and Classic.

Read more about each model further down the page.

InCharge for office

Designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1993, the InCharge has revolutionised the world of ergonomic office chairs. The InCharge is based on human anatomy and is designed for you to be in control of your work situation. The chair has also been designed to be easy to manoeuvre and to support the body's need for movement, even in a job you do sitting down. The seat is pelvis-shaped, which encourages a natural S-curve to form in your spine and prevents your back from slumping, as often happens on conventional office chairs.

ReForm for office

ReForm is a minimalist and elegant office chair, which also features an ergonomic and supporting function. It is designed to give you an active and comfortable sitting posture, thereby helping prevent work injuries such as pain in the lumbar, neck and back, which can arise from challenging work positions or work where you sit down for hours at a time.

Classic for office

The Classic chair was founder Claus Lundsgaard's idea of an ergonomic office chair without backrest and armrest. For more than 30 years, this chair has helped give many people a better working day with a more active sitting posture at the office. The smooth-running wheels make it easy to move around. The Classic chair is a natural choice for anyone looking for an ergonomic work tool as part of a healthy office environment.

Extra functions you can add to your office chair.

Once you have decided which of the three models you want to try or buy, there are a few more choices to make.

Flex: Flex is a unique, flexible seat that can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. It allows the chair to support you in extreme working postures. And it gives you an active sitting posture that strengthens your core muscles and balance.

NB. Flex is only an option for our InCharge model.

Ring bar: The ring bar is not a backrest but a beautiful handle that encircles the seat and allows you to easily move the chair around. It also helps you control the direction of the chair when you want to sit on it.

NB. The ring bar is fixed on the InCharge model. You can choose not to have it if you prefer your chair without one.

Once you have chosen the model that suits you, there is also a choice of height and cover.

The healthy office chair

Common to all three models is that they:

• Give you an active working posture with plenty of freedom to move.
• Prevent work injuries from sedentary work.
• Make it easy for you to move around the workplace.
• Have a minimalist and beautiful design.

What is an ergonomic office chair?

An ergonomic office chair is designed to support your needs when you sit down for hours a day to work. Our ergonomic office chairs have a simple and minimalist look, which means they blend in well with any decor and are easy to style for individual taste and comfort. If you're looking for an office chair that's good for your back, then the Dynamostol ergonomic office chair is an excellent choice.

An ergonomic office chair is defined by a few simple, logical features:

• You get an ergonomically optimal work tool.
• The office chair is comfortable and allows you to be physically active.
• The special design makes the chair easy to handle and get on and off.

The difference between a saddle chair and an ergonomic office chair

Other ergonomic office chairs are designed like a horse's saddle ”saddle chairs”. At first, you'll feel like you are sitting comfortably. But the saddle is basically designed for a horseback, where the rider is in motion - on a saddle chair there is no natural movement, which could help to tighten up the legs, abdomen, back and shoulders.

Instead, you strain your hips in an unnatural outward rotation, which in the long run can be harmful and cause unpleasant pain in the hip joints. This is exactly what we at Dynamostol want to put a stop to. That's why we design ergonomic office chairs that are good for the back as they encourage you to adopt an active sitting posture.

If you choose a traditional office chair with backrest and armrest, you become passive and lose muscle strength and energy. You start to slump and strain the back, shoulders and neck. Above all, you slow your circulation. This doesn't happen with an ergonomic office chair without armrests from Dynamostol.

When should you choose an ergonomic office chair for the office?

If you're lucky enough to have a sit/stand desk, then the best ergonomic office chair will give you an open angle in your hips and knees. Your back will be naturally straight and you will sit in a way that activates the muscles in your lower back. This gives you maximum benefit from both the office chair and the ergonomics. If in doubt about whether you're choosing the right chair for you, we are always here to help and give you the best possible customer service.

If you work at a desk without a sit/stand function, the best ergonomic office chair is one that allows you to easily fit your thighs under the desk. This may mean you have to sit at a slightly lower height than usual. A way to compensate for this is to stretch one leg behind you, so that the knee points downwards. This helps you stretch the lower back and you get a much better work posture than on a traditional office chair. Another option is to place 4 bricks under the table legs and thus raise the table by the height you need. This gives you a great desk height where the sit/stand function becomes less relevant.

Working with a physiotherapist

If you're up for a challenge, we have an office chair with a Flex function, which we developed together with Dutch physiotherapist Wim Don. Flex means flexible, which means the seat moves. As a user, it feels exactly the same as sitting on a Pilates ball, although a benefit of the chair is that it doesn't roll away and you sit on a perfectly shaped seat.

Perhaps you're thinking "...that's not the sort of office chair I could use," but you can! And you'll love the feeling of being active as opposed to sitting passively with a backrest and armrest that only STOP you from moving freely.

Which model should you choose?

When presented with Dynamostol's office chairs; InChargeClassic and ReForm, it can be hard to know which one to choose. Basically, the ergonomic principles apply to all three chairs and to any ergonomic office. It's just a case of deciding which one suits you best. We would like to share our experiences here, although these are just a guide.

• If you have short legs or you're not especially tall, in our experience the Classic/ReForm is the best option.

• However, neither the InCharge, Classic or ReForm are wide chairs, but the Classic/ReForm chairs are slightly narrower than the InCharge, which means you can sit with your legs almost completely together. This is of no ergonomic significance, but is more a case of personal preference.

• You should generally sit higher than on a traditional chair, but not so high that the elevation at the front of the seat presses unnecessarily on your pubic bone.