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    InCharge from Dynamostolย 

    Nanna Ditzel, the iconic Danish designer is the creative force behind the InCharge

    The InCharge ergonomic work chair from Dynamostol is steeped in unique design history. Thanks to a close collaboration with iconic designer Nanna Ditzel, in 1993 the InCharge was born. A chair with a simple, minimalist look. It is functional and practical, and suitable for everyone and all manner of work situations - or just to sit on when you need to.

    The philosophy behind the InCharge

    The philosophy behind Nanna Ditzel's design builds on the idea of being active and strengthening the body through a natural balance, even when sitting down.

    This chair allows you to move your legs freely, and prevents them from being pushed apart at an unnatural angle, as happens on other saddle chairs.

    The height-adjustment allows you to always sit at a height that gives you the best working posture.

    The seat has been developed based on human anatomy. It is pelvis-shaped to give you an optimum sitting posture, which creates a natural S-curve in your spine and prevents your back from 'slumping' as it does on conventional chairs.

    Unique and distinctive design

    Nanna Ditzel's famous rigid strokes and the organic, streamlined style is clearly evident in the chair's lines. It appears unique and distinctive and clearly stands out compared to other traditional work chairs. With its iconic appearance and its long lifetime, we consider the InCharge chair a classic and modern heavyweight in the same class as other classic design chairs.

    Sit actively - and feel more energised!

    An active and balanced sitting posture makes you feel more energised - also when you're off work

    When you sit on an InCharge, you are kept in constant movement, and so is your circulation. You get plenty of blood and oxygen flow to your body and brain - important to anyone who listens to their body and follows an active and healthy lifestyle. You'll feel more energised at work. And you'll have more energy for recreational activities, kids, exercise and fun after a long working day.ย 

    With the InCharge, you take your health seriously

    By choosing the InCharge, you take charge of your body and your health. The chair relieves the body through a naturally balanced and active sitting posture during a day of varying work positions.

    A chair that adapts to different needs, tastes and mood

    The seat itself also feels great to sit on and is excellent for your posture, and you can choose a cover to suit your job and style.

    Extra functions for your InCharge chair

    InCharge with flex seat

    If you want to strengthen your body further, choose the InCharge Flex seat, which we have developed together with Dutch physiotherapist Wim Don.

    Flex means that the seat moves - and can flex 11ยฐ in all directions.

    When you sit on the chair, it feels a little like sitting on a Pilates ball; the seat follows your movements and you are as active and supported as possible in your sitting posture. The seat cannot be locked into place.

    Foot-operated InCharge

    If you work in the health sector, where your job requires a sterile work environment, such as surgery or similar, we recommend a foot-operated chair, where you can adjust the chair's height with your foot.ย This allows you to still sit dynamically and adjust the chair's height as needed during long treatments - and without becoming unsterile or inconveniencing your colleagues.

    Ring bar

    The InCharge seat is encircled by a round metal handle, a grip handle. You might initially think this is a backrest, but it's not. The idea is to grab the handle when you want to move the chair, or when you want to sit down. The handle allows you to easily grab the chair and position it correctly.

    You can deselect the grip handle when you place your order.



    The InCharge Office is slightly more expensive, but is known for being a little extra luxurious. The top part of the gas spring is hidden by a cover tube so that the column appears whole and seamless. The height adjuster is a wooden handle, adding a slightly more exclusive look to the chair, and accentuating how well it blends in with other design furniture.ย