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Our office chair is the perfect choice

for your home office
For your home office

Choose from our 3 different models for your home office: InCharge, ReForm and Classic. All chairs are based on our basic philosophy: that your body needs to be able to move while you sit down. When you work in a sedentary position, your body stops, and so, in fact, does your brain. That's why it's important that you are able to sit dynamically and to move if you want the most out of your working day.

Dining chairs are not recommended either, as these don't give you any form of ergonomic support.

By choosing one of our office chairs, you get optimum ergonomic support and strengthen your body - and you get a tool that helps you achieve an active and balanced sitting posture.

Our three basic models

We have three models of office chairs

See more below and find your model.

InCharge for home office

InCharge was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1993, and revolutionised the ergonomic office chair. InCharge is designed for you to be in control of your work situation. The chair is based on human anatomy; the seat is pelvis-shaped for a perfect ergonomic sitting posture where your spine forms a natural S-shape and your back doesn't slump, as often happens on conventional office chairs. The chair has also been designed to be easy to move around and to support the body's need to keep moving, even when you spend many hours sitting at your desk.

ReForm for home office

ReForm has a minimalist and elegant design while still offering an ergonomic and supporting function. The design encourages an active and comfortable sitting posture, and helps prevent work injuries, such as pain in the lumbar, back and neck. This type of pain can develop from challenging work positions or work where you sit down for hours at a time.

Classic for home office

The Classic chair was the first model designed by Dynamostol. The chair was founder Claus Lundsgaard's idea of what an ergonomic office chair should be. For more than 30 years, this chair has helped give many people a better working day with a more active sitting posture. The smooth-running wheels also make it easy to move around. The Classic chair is a natural choice for anyone looking for an ergonomic work tool as part of a healthy home working environment.

Accessories you can add to your office chair:

Flex:Β The Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist. This is a unique function that allows you to strengthen your core while sitting down. The Flex function enables the seat to tilt 11 degrees in all directions, so that it follows your movements and supports you during challenging working positions. This is a unique opportunity to create flexibility and balance in your body.

NB. The Flex function is only available for the InCharge model.

Ring bar:Β The ring bar is not a backrest, but a practical handle that you grab hold of when moving the chair.

NB. The ring bar is fixed on the InCharge model. It is removable, should you prefer your chair without one.

Perfect for you working at home

Common to all three models is that they:

β€’ Give you an optimal sitting posture in a sedentary working position.
β€’ Give you an active working posture with plenty of freedom to move.
β€’ Make it easy for you to manoeuvre around your home office.
β€’ Have a minimalist and elegant Scandinavian design.
β€’ Take up very little space - they tuck neatly under your desk when not in use, making them ideal for the home office.