Size Guide

Which height should you choose? 

The height of your chair should generally be based on your own height. For example, if you're a woman measuring 168 cm, we recommend a medium setting. Exceptions may of course apply depending on where and how you intend to use the chair. If in doubt about which height you need, please call us on tel.: 4675 0970 or write to us at 

The chart below shows you which chair heights we recommend for your height: 

 Woman Man
Under 162 cm - Small Under 170 cm - Small
160 - 173 cm - Medium 168 - 183 cm - Medium
Over 170 cm - High Over 180 cm - High

Seat height from floor to seat

Our chairs have a seat height that ranges in the heights you can see below.
When you need to measure the seat height, take a measuring tape, measure on the back of the seat and pull the measuring tape down to the floor.

X- low: Seat height 35 – 43 cm - this height is primarily intended for Daycare.
Low: Seat height 42-58 cm
Medium: Seat height 48 – 68 cm
Height: Seat height 55 – 80 cm

FLEX seats:
Low: Seat height 46-62 cm
Medium: Seat height 52 – 72 cm
Height: Seat height 59 – 84 cm

Remember you must sit higher than on a regular chair, and with open angles in the hips and knees.