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    ReForm from Dynamostol - a re-design

    Reform is a new interpretation and a re-design of our original chair, the Classic, developed by Dynamostol's founder, Claus Lundsgaard, in 1984.

    In 2015, Anders Peter Jensen, industrial designer and former employee of B&O and Samsung, was given the task of designing and refining the Classic chair to give it more of a streamlined and modern look. The result exceeded all expectations.

    We have decided to call it the ReForm, partly because it's a re-design of the Classic chair, but also because ReForm alludes to the importance of keeping your body in shape.

    An ergonomic work chair

    ReForm is an ergonomic work chair that gives you a dynamic and active sitting posture. The chair has a simple and minimalist look, is functional and helps prevent any work-related injuries, such as pain in your lumbar, neck and back, which can develop either from working in a sedentary position or twisting the body unnaturally.

    The seat is based on human anatomy and pelvis-shaped to give you an optimal sitting posture so that your back doesn't 'slump' in the way it does on a conventional chair. You avoid straining the lower vertebrae in your back, while at the same time tightening up your core, as you don't have the option to sit back and support your back against a backrest.

    Keep your body and brain goingΒ 

    Ergonomic functionality needn't be ugly and foot-shaped. Our Dynamostol chairs give you a first-class iconic design and a better and healthier posture.

    Your body is made to move - not to sit still for hours at a time. Our chairs are designed to keep you moving, even while sitting down. When you keep your body moving, the blood flows faster round your body and into your brain, so you don't start to feel tired!

    More energy - also after work

    When you sit on a Dynamostol chair, you will always be slightly moving. This prevents you from feeling tired, tense, getting locked into one position and developing that heavy leg feeling during the working day. And you'll find you not only have more energy for your work, but that you also have more energy for recreational activities, the kids, exercise and fun outside work.

    Extra functions for the ReForm chair

    Foot-operated ReForm

    If you work in the health sector and your job requires the highest level of hygiene, such as surgery or similar, we recommend a foot-operated chair so that you can adjust the height with your foot.

    Ring bar

    You can also buy a ring bar for your ReForm chair. You might think that the ring bar is a backrest, but you'd be mistaken. The idea is to grab the handle when you want to move the chair, or when you want to sit down. The handle allows you to easily grab the chair and position it correctly.