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    Classic from Dynamostol

    This is what happens when you sit in a 'conventional' chair. The seat is usually too deep, so you end up sitting on the front half of the chair. This makes it hard to sit tall, which in turn reduces the angle of your hip joint, causes it to 'collapse'. This triggers the wrong pressure on the vertebrae because your back doesn't get the chance to remain in a balanced position. Your ligaments, which also have to keep your bones in place, suffer unnecessary strain, and your muscles begin to either over-tense or under-tense.

    What your muscles are exposed to when you sit down results in poorer blood circulation, with consequences that most of us know only too well: Fatigue, lack of energy, headaches.

    Your body isn't stupid. It attempts to compensate for the strain that you subject it to. It will force you to go get a cup of coffee or to do any other types of deviating activities. But you can't always obey your body's wishes. You might be in a meeting or be working on a task that you can't postpone.

    Thoughts behind the Classic

    Dynamostol's founder, Claus Lundsgaard, spotted a need to revolutionise the way we sit - and the result was the Classic chair in 1984.

    The key principle behind the Classic chair is to give the body an active and naturally balanced sitting posture to avoid unnecessary strain on the body.

    The chair's seat is specially designed to give the pelvis and back an upright position, so that you don't 'slump' in the way you do on conventional chairs. It can take a couple of weeks to train your body to sit on a Classic, but it's worth the effort!

    The most important muscle groups benefit from full freedom of movement. And every day you spend on a Classic, you'll feel yourself getting stronger and stronger in your back and core.

    Your blood circulation also improves, and your ligaments work optimally. On a Classic chair, the diaphragm also relaxes more, which improves your breathing, and because your upper body can move freely, you avoid the usual strain on your shoulders, arms and neck.

    With 35+ years on the market, our Classic has helped many people achieve a healthier working day with better working postures.

    The classic chair is well-suited to all work situations and at home.

    Extra functions for your Classic chair

    Foot-operated Classic

    If you work in the health sector and your job requires the highest level of hygiene, such as surgery or similar, we recommend a foot-operated chair so that you can adjust the height of your chair with your foot.

    Ring bar

    You can also buy a ring bar for your Classic chair. You might think the ring bar is a backrest, but you'd be mistaken. The idea is to grab the handle when you want to move the chair, or when you want to sit down. The handle allows you to easily grab the chair and position it correctly.