Questions and answers

You are always welcome to write to us at or call us on +4570885875 if you have any questions. Below are our answers to frequently asked questions. You may find the answer you're looking for here.

Questions about sitting actively

Our chairs are designed on the principle that you should sit in a balanced position and activate your muscles. This means that you strengthen your body, because you are activated and not locked into position. The chair helps you sit up straight and in balance.

You should choose a chair that makes you sit actively because you keep your body moving, thereby boosting your blood circulation. You avoid getting tired legs, a tense neck and back and you constantly get a fresh flow of blood to the brain, so you can perform at work without getting tired.

Without a backrest you train your core muscles and gain a better posture - and you won't even notice you're doing it.

The hump at the front of the seat prevents you from sliding off the chair. It ensures that you have a stable and balanced sitting posture - particularly in situations that require you to focus, when it's even more important that your chair supports you correctly.

If the 'hump' at the front annoys use, you might be sitting too high. Try lowering the height of the chair and see if that feels better.

People often say that if you sit on a traditional 'saddle' chair, you have to sit REALLY high up - but that's not true.

About choosing a chair based on what you need

Ergonomic chairs benefit most people who spend a lot of time sitting down, but it's important to find the best model for you.

Yes, you can always try out our chairs for 14 days, and if it does not fit your needs we will pick up the chair again and refund your money. Because it's important to us that you get a chair that you like and which meets your needs. Read more aboutTry a chair here.

Many people with reduced mobility benefit from using a Dynamostol chair. Our chairs can be a big help around the house. For example, they can give you support while you cook. The chairs are designed to easily move around the home, which benefits those who lack strength. However, you may struggle to use our active chairs if your mobility is significantly reduced. Feel free to call us for advice. We'll provide guidance for your exact situation and needs. You can always try out a chair for 14 days to see if it suits you.

Yes - all of our chairs are quick and easy to adapt to suit varying needs. The chairs come with stepless height adjustment, which allows you to adjust them to different work positions and for different people.

Yes - you have a choice of colour and fabric for the cover, so that the chair suits your taste and decor.

Yes - you can sit on a Dynamostol chair all day without problems. As with many new things, it can take a while to get used to the new way of sitting, but you will soon find that you can actually sit for longer and stay more focused on a Dynamostol chair than on a conventional chair - as you sit more actively.

Technical questions and care

You can't lock the flex mechanism as the aim of the chair is to make you sit more actively. You will quickly get used to the chair following your movements.

Check for any dirt stuck on the wheels - and try vacuuming them.See more about how to care for your chair here.If necessary, you can buy new wheels in our webshop under accessories.

If your chair won't quite react as it should when you try to move it up or down, it may be because the piston in the cylinders has become 'dry'. If possible, pull the seat up to the highest position and clean the piston with domestic alcohol using a sheet of kitchen roll. Next, apply 5 drops of sewing machine oil (this must be ACID-FREE oil - NOT WD-40) onto the piston. Run the seat up and down a couple of times, wipe and add a little more. Your chair should now work.See more about how to care for your chair here