Ergonomic work stool with casters

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    Ergonomic work stool with casters

    Our work stools with wheels in an ergonomic design are perfect for people who need to sit actively during the day. The stool supports your needs and gives you a dynamic sitting posture, allowing you to quickly and effectively move around and get the most from your working day. These stools are perfect for people who work in an institution, such as a clinic, doctors' surgery, hospital, laboratory or similar. These ergonomic work stools come in a choice of fabrics and stunning colours. Common to them all is their high quality and functional design.

    Prevent back pain with a good work stool.

    With a good work stool from Dynamostol, you strengthen rather than weaken your back when you spend hours a day sitting down. Our work stools allow you to sit actively and to keep moving, thus activating your muscles and stimulating your circulation. You avoid straining your back, preventing both pain and back injuries. You could choose aΒ Classic chair,

    where the seat is shaped to support a healthy posture. The chair doesn't have a backrest or armrest - but this gives your arms and shoulders optimum freedom to move and stimulates your circulation. The chair is an effective tool and supports a healthy working environment in many different industries.

    Try out an ergonomic work stool on a 14-day free trial

    Are you ready to change your working habits? Order a work stool today and we'll deliver it free of charge as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about finding an ergonomic chair to suit you and your needs, or if you have any questions about how to care for your chair, please do not hesitate to contact us. Call us on tel.: +4570883504 or send us an e-mail at We also give you a chance to try one or more chairs for a period of 14 days, absolutely free. This allows you to find the chair that meets your needs and best supports you. If after 14 days, you decide the chair is not for you, we take it back free of charge. Read more about how toΒ try our chairs here,Β