InCharge Black Office
InCharge Black Office
InCharge Black Office
InCharge Black Office
InCharge Black Office
InCharge Black Office

InCharge Black Office

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The elegant InCharge Black Office work chair was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1993. The design is functional and timeless to suit both the modern and future work place. The model is identical to the InCharge Office model, with the exception of the black frame.

The philosophy behind Nanna Ditzel's design is based on human anatomy and the idea of being active and strengthening the body through natural balance, even when sitting down. The chair itself doesn't take up much room and is well-suited to all work environments or homes where design, aesthetics and functionality are a high priority. The seat is pelvis-shaped. Even though it takes a little getting used to, you'll soon notice how much easier it is to keep your back straight compared to on a traditional office chair. You may initially be more aware of the shape of the front of the chair, which prevents you from sliding off, but you'll soon get used to it and forget it's even there.

The correct way to sit on the InCharge Black Office chair is with an open angle in your hip joints. You must be able to reach the ground with feet flat, but it's worth slightly adjusting the height of the chair throughout the working day to vary your sitting posture. The chair features a stepless height adjustment thanks to the gas cartridge, which makes it easy for you to adjust the seat to the desired height.

Choose from three different covers: Hallingdal wool from Kvadrat, Victory leather from Sørensen and Microfiber from Gabriel. Read more about the fabrics and their functions under Material guide. 

InCharge Black Office comes in a black lacquer aluminium. 

This chair is well-suited to offices, home offices and the home in general.

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Why choose a chair from Dynamostol?

You have to because..

The seat is specially designed to keep your pelvis and spine straight so you don’t slouch as you would do in an ordinary chair.

The chair helps all the central muscle groups to have full mobility. It might take you a few weeks to train your back muscles, but it is worth the effort, and for every day sitting on your chair, you will feel that you are getting stronger and stronger in your core muscles.

The core muscles, also called the body's trunk, consists of deep muscles that support the spine and pelvis, ie. primarily the muscles around the abdomen and back.

Sit Strong

A strong body trunk is the whole foundation for virtually all the movements you make in everyday life and it has a huge impact for your well-being. Without strength in this part of your body you will collapse in the back, get a bad posture and the possibility of getting other problems is huge.

And there are more positive consequences. Your blood circulation improves and your ligaments work optimal. When you sit on a chair from Dynamostol, the diaphragm is more relaxed, giving you a better breathing. Because your upper body can move more freely, you get rid of them usual strains of shoulders, arms and neck.