Founder of Dynamostol

Pioneer Claus Lundsgaard

When Claus Lundsgaard, founder of Dynamostol, experienced unbearable back pain, he set out to design a chair that would change the way we sit and thus give the body a chance to move while sitting down.

At the age of 55, Claus decided to investigate what he could do to achieve a better working posture, one that would help him and others sit more actively when working hours on end at the office.

Today, Claus is 95 and still going strong. He is a fantastic example of how sitting actively can prolong your life.

The vision behind our ergonomic chairs

and the vision about active sitting

management of Dynamostol today

In 2002, the sons of Claus Lundsgaard, Jacob and Philip took over the day-to-day management of Dynamostol.

We are sitting on a brilliant idea

We design elegant chairs that make you stronger while you sit.

We strongly believe in keeping the body physically active, because we can see how much it affects our daily life and our work life.

Many years ago, we re-thought how we sit. Why not keep moving while sitting?

When we live in a culture where we sit more and move less, it is important to think about how to use our seated position to become more active and strengthen the body.

It's about how to sit and the type of chair you sit on.

Our mission is to change the perception and experience of sitting. Hence our motto β€œSit strong”, because when you sit on our chairs, you strengthen your core muscles.

We want to create a culture that prioritises good physical working conditions that support an active lifestyle and a good working environment at clinics, schools, offices, day care institutions, home offices or hospitals.