InCharge Flex, the perfect work chair

InCharge Flex, the perfect work chair

InCharge Flex is an ergonomic gem designed to meet the demands of the modern workplace for comfort and flexibility. With a range of advanced features that support and strengthen the body, this chair is ideal for anyone looking to improve their work environment and health.

Flexible seat for optimum freedom of movement

One of the most unique features of InCharge Flex is the flexible seat, which is designed to follow and support your movements. This is essential for maintaining a healthy and active sitting posture throughout the day. The seat can flex up to 11° in all directions, providing a dynamic sitting experience. This mobility allows the body to adapt naturally, reducing strain on muscles and joints while promoting better posture.

Strengthen your core while you sit

Another important benefit of InCharge Flex is its ability to strengthen your core muscles. When you sit on this chair, you are constantly using your core as the chair requires you to use your abdominal muscles and spine to maintain balance. This continuous muscle activity helps build strength and stability in the core areas of the body, which can reduce the risk of back problems and improve your overall health.

Designed for health and comfort

InCharge Flex is not just a chair; it is a tool designed to improve your health. Ergonomic principles are built into every detail, from the shape of the seat to the mobility of the chair. The seat's ability to follow your movements ensures that your spine maintains its natural S-shape, which is essential in preventing back pain and other problems associated with prolonged sitting. In addition, the dynamic sitting posture helps to improve blood circulation, which can counteract fatigue and swelling in the legs.

The chair's ergonomic benefits and features

This chair is equipped with a number of features that support a healthy working day:

  • Flexible seat: Movement of up to 11° in all directions promotes a dynamic and healthy sitting posture.
  • Core strengthening: Constant activation of the abdominal muscles and spine to maintain balance and stability.
  • Ergonomic design: Supports natural posture and improves circulation.
  • Lightweight and compact: Easy to move and ideal for workstations with limited space.

Perfect for the modern workplace

InCharge Flex is ideal for a wide range of professional environments, from offices to clinics. Its light weight and elegant design makes it easy to move the chair around, which comes in handy in workspaces where flexibility and mobility are essential. Whether you work in healthcare, dentistry or an office, InCharge Flex offers support and comfort that can be customised to your specific needs and working postures.