Our 3 designs


With the Classic chair, Claus Lundsgaard changed the concept of sitting. His wish for the chair was to create a chair where you could sit actively and avoid back pain.

For more than 40 years, this classic has helped countless people improve their everyday lives with a more active sitting position at work.

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A revolution in ergonomic chairs, designed by

Nanna Ditzel

InCharge is an elegant chair created in a timeless design for today's and tomorrow's workplaces, giving you control over the changing work positions of the day, hence the name InCharge.

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A new version of the original Classic chair, designed by Anders Jensen.

The name ReForm refers both to the fact that the chair is a re-design and that you can keep fit by sitting actively on the chair. The ReForm chair is very flexible and comes in different variants, so it can be customised to suit your specific work situation.

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The different types of chairs we offer for active sitting

When you sit in a chair that encourages active sitting, you can transform your work from a sedentary challenge to an active and healthy experience that gives you more energy and well-being.

We offer three different chairs: InCharge, Classic and ReForm. The chairs may look the same, but the seat shape is different. That's why we offer you the opportunity to try different chairs at home in your own environment to find out which chair suits you best.

It should be said that all three chairs are designed to adapt to the body's need to move. The chairs weigh a maximum of 12 kg, which is half the weight of a regular chair. Therefore, it's easy to move around, and you're not restricted by having to push a heavy chair around. On the contrary, you want to move and be in motion. It strengthens your body, your blood circulation and your focus at work.

The InCharge seat is designed by Nanna Ditzel, which shines through the elegant metal bracket that surrounds the seat. The seat itself is shaped with a saddle in mind, but the anatomy of the body and the need to be able to sit with your legs together has been taken into consideration so that there is no unnatural twisting of the hip sockets, which can eventually cause wear and tear and pain. The small elevation at the front prevents you from sliding off the chair and is customised, so it shouldn't bother you. If it does bother you, you're probably sitting too high, so lower your seat height and see if it's more comfortable.

Zips have been added to the cover under the seat, so it's possible to take it off and wash it if necessary. The InCharge chair is available in many different variants, which you can find here. InCharge chairs are suitable for many different professions.


The Classic seat, designed by Claus Lundsgaard, is also modeled on the saddle principle, but after a pelvic cast to fit the human anatomy. A 10 mm foam insert has been added, making the seat slightly softer to sit on compared to InCharge and ReForm. The cover is held in place with a strong elasticated band and can therefore be removed and washed as needed. The Classic chair is available in different variants, which you can find here. All Classic chairs are suitable for many different professions.


The ReForm seat is designed by Anders Peter Jensen as a new version of the Classic seat. The seat is slightly smaller, but still with the body's anatomy, and you need to sit in balance and have movement in mind. The cover is attached to the seat for a more complete and elegant look. There is a 5 mm foam insert between the seat and cover. The front elevation, which prevents you from sliding off the chair, is also slightly smaller than on Classic and InCharge. The ReForm chair is available in several different variants, which you can find here. The ReForm chair is suitable for many different professions.