Reform Disc

ReForm Disc

Gives you active seating comfort
An elegant chair
For your home office

Gives you an optimal support if your workday is spent by sitting by the desk.

The chair strengthens your core, as its trajectories are similar to the way you sit on a Pilates ball. It’s dynamic, good, and comfortable to sit on. You are encouraged to do an active stretch in the back and abdomen. You strengthen your body while sitting down.

As alsways you have the opportunity to
Try a Reform Disc for free

before you decide if you want to keep it. As for all our chairs, it might require some ’getting used to’ to sit on a chair that strengthens your body.

But do not let that hold you back, as it is good for body and soul to sit on a ReForm Disc.

Get the chair on a 14 days free trial.