Ergonomic stool with casters

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    Ergonomic stool from Dynamostol

    An ergonomic stool is perfect for people who spend much of their day sitting down. When you sit down for most of the day, it becomes even more important to strengthen and move your body. This is what you get with an ergonomic stool from Dynamostol, as it has neither a back or armrest. This means that you don't end up slumping during the day, but retain a naturally straight posture, which helps strengthen your muscles. This gives you a good posture, and you will definitely notice that you become more effective and focused once your many seated hours become more active.

    At Dynamostol, the ergonomic stool is available in several variants. These include Danish architect and furniture designer Nanna Ditzel's beautiful and classic designs based on Dynamostol's basic philosophy on sitting actively. When you choose a stool with casters, you get a functional, modern, ergonomic and timeless work chair, which allows you to sit down for many hours a day without straining the shoulders, back and neck.

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    The body is not made to sit still, a concept that Dynamostol applies when designing our ergonomic stools. Our vision is to allow you to sit down and still be active and achieve a naturally balanced sitting posture. That's why an ergonomic stool is perfect for anyone who spends hours a day sitting down; prevents the body from slumping while strengthening your muscles, especially in your back, allowing you to maintain a good, healthy sitting posture all day long. The ergonomic stool is also particularly functional and easy to move around on, as it follows the body's movements. This makes it perfect for anyone working in e.g., an institution or in the health sector.

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    If you suffer from a bad back, neck or shoulders, an ergonomic stool with wheels could be the answer. Order an ergonomic stool today, and we'll deliver it free of charge as soon as possible. You can also try out one of our many ergonomic chairs on a 14-day free trial. This gives you a chance to see if it meets your needs during your working day. If after trying out the chair you find it's not for you, we will take it back at no extra cost. Read more about how toΒ try our chairs here,Β 

    and we are of course always available to answer any questions you might have, or should you need advice and professional guidance to find the right ergonomic chair for a more comfortable working day. Please contact us on tel.: +4570881975 or e-mail us at