Clinic chairs

A clinic chair from Dynamostol lets you move around freely. A feature that will help you achieve an optimal sitting posture and help you strengthen your muscles, giving you more energy to focus on your patients. This range of chairs was designed together with professionals such as dentists, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses and many others to develop an optimal chair for health sector staff. Select a category below to see which chair best suits your work situation.
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What is a clinic chair from Dynamostol?

Our clinic chairs are designed based on your needs to carry out specific tasks related to your job. Here our chairs are defined by a set of simple, logical features:

β€’ You get an ergonomically optimal work tool.
β€’ The chair is easy to clean and comes with a cover that is easy to wipe clean.
β€’ The special design makes the chair easy to handle and move around on.
β€’ The wheels on the chair help you move effortlessly around.

Choose a Dynamostol clinic chair because:

A clinic chair from Dynamostol will give you an optimal sitting posture when you need to focus on your patients. You can move around unhindered, without the chair restricting your freedom to move.

Many of our customers come from the health sector, where we work with professionals such as dentists, surgeons, laboratory technicians, nurses and many others who have helped us refine our products specifically for health sector staff.

When should you choose a Dynamostol clinic chair?

The Dynamostol clinic chair adapts to your working height and work situation.

β€’ If you work in an outpatient clinic, at a dental clinic, at a sit/stand table, in an operating room - in an environment that requires major flexibility, you should choose a chair where you have an open angle in the hip and knee, which helps to straighten your back.

β€’ If your job requires a low chair, choose a height that keeps you low enough so you don't bend your body to the extent that your head points downwards. A good tip when sitting at a low height is to stretch one leg out behind you, so that your knee points to the floor. This position will stretch your lower back and give you an optimal sitting posture.

β€’ A high chair is more appropriate when working at a high table, such as in a laboratory. A tip here is to ensure you have a foot ring mounted on the chair, to avoid your legs 'swinging' back and forth. This gives you a good sitting posture, even though you can't reach the ground.

β€’ If you work in a sterile or clean environment, such as operating theatres or GMO laboratories, we recommend a foot-operated chair, which allows you to adjust the height with your foot without using your hands. This helps you maintain a high level of hygiene to the benefit of your patients.

Which model of Dynamostol clinic chair should you choose?

When presented with Dynamostol's InCharge, Classic and ReForm models, it can be difficult to decide which one to choose.

The ergonomic principles apply to all three chairs, so it's just a case of finding which chair suits you best. We'd like to share our experiences here, although these are just a guide.

β€’ If working at a low height, we know from experience that the Classic/ReForm chairs work particularly well. The same applies if you are short and have short legs.

β€’ However, neither the InCharge or Classic/ReForm are wide chairs. But as the Classic/ReForm are slightly smaller than the InCharge, you can sit on them almost completely with your legs together. This is of no ergonomic significance but more a case of personal preference.

β€’ You should generally sit higher than on a traditional chair, but not so high that the elevation at the front of the seat presses unnecessarily on your pubic bone. Because this is not of ergonomic benefit - it just makes you uncomfortable.

Who designed the chairs?

Dynamostol's founder, Claus Lundsgaard, designed theΒ Dynamostol Classic, which has been on the market for more than 35 years. A functional and ergonomic classic that has given more than 10,000 people a better and more active day.

Dynamostol InChargeΒ was designed by the world-famous furniture designer Nanna Ditzel in 1998. A functional gem that continues to delight staff in the Danish health sector every day.

When the Classic Clinic had been on the market for 30 years, we let designer Anders P. Jensen come up with an updated version. The result was theΒ ReFormΒ which is currently positioned in the market as a natural follow-on from the Classic Clinic.