Day Care

The ideal chair for you working with children and young persons

working at child's height

If you spend your working day working at many different heights, you'll no doubt benefit from sitting on one of Dynamostol's 3 models: InCharge, ReForm or Classic. All 3 ergonomic chairs support people with a physically demanding job. The chairs make it easier for you to move around the room and up and down in different working heights. The seat is pelvis-shaped, making it easier for you to sit in a correct and healthy posture as you go about your daily tasks.

The chair
adapts to you

so you can get the best out of your workday

Classic for day care

The Classic model is the original design by founder Claus Lundsgaard. It was his idea to design an ergonomic chair without backrest and armrest, which for more than 30 years has given so many people a better working day and an active sitting posture. The smooth-running wheels make it easy to move around on, such as in a room with several children and many places to be at once. The Classic chair is the ideal choice for people who want an ergonomic work tool that supports a good, healthy working environment.

ReForm for day care

The ReForm model is a minimalist and elegant chair. It is also ergonomic and designed to support your body while you sit. It is designed to give you and active and comfortable sitting posture, thereby helping prevent work injuries such as pain in the lumbar, neck and back, which can arise from challenging work positions.

InCharge for day care

The InCharge chair was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1998. The chair is revolutionary within ergonomic work chairs and is based on the human anatomy. It has a simple and elegant appearance, but is functional and makes you feel in charge of your work posture. This makes it easy for you to move around while also supporting your body's need to keep moving. The seat is shaped around the pelvis, which automatically gives you a natural S-curve in your back and prevents you from slumping and instead strengthens your back and keeps it straight.

When choosing your model

Think of the following:

As a starting point, we recommend the Classic DayCare or ReForm DayCare, as these models have a sitting height that goes right down to floor level, which can be of benefit when working at floor height or low tables.

Ring bar: Don't confuse the ring bar for a backrest. This is a handle to help you move the chair around and to prevent you from bending down too much. It also helps you control the direction of the chair when you want to sit on it. Some love the grip handle as they feel it protects their back from excited children who jump on you from behind.

NB! The grip handle is fixed on the InCharge model. It is removable, should you prefer your chair without one.

Flex: This function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist. This is a unique function that allows you to strengthen your core while sitting down. The Flex function enables the seat to tilt 11 degrees in all directions, so that it follows your movements and supports you during challenging working postures. This is a unique opportunity to create flexibility and balance in your sitting posture.

NB. This function is only available for InCharge.

Supports a good working environment

Common to all three models is that they:

β€’ Provide optimal support when working at child's height.
β€’ Help achieve an active work posture with freedom to move.
β€’ Make it easy to move around, such as in a room full of children.
β€’ Make a great chair to share, as it's quick and easy to adjust.
β€’ Are easy to clean and stay looking presentable.