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Ergonomic chairs for health care

Classic chair for health care

The Classic chair has over the last 30 years helped a lot of people to a better everyday life through an active and healthy sitting position. The soft and easy-running castors make it easy for you to move around. The classic chair will be a natural choice for you who want an ergonomic tools that can form the basis for a healthy and active work environment.

Classic chair
InCharge chair for health care

InCharge, can be considered as a revolution in ergonomic work chairs. Based on the body's physical need to be active, Nanna Ditzel has designed an elegant and functional chair, which gives you control over your working position. The idea is that it should be easy and effortless to move the chair around in all work situations and at the same time provide support in the extreme posture positions. The chair weighs half of what a normal chair weighs and it does not take up much space, therefore it will be the perfect choice if you work in healthcare.

InCharge chair
ReForm chair for health care

ReForm has a streamlined and elegant look. An ergonomic chair, with a functional and supportive function. It is designed to give you the best sitting position where you can prevent work injuries such as pain in the lower back, neck and back pain which can occur when you have challenging working positions where you sit in an uncomfortable sitting position. The chair is designed by Anders Peter Jensen.

ReForm chair
For you who work at the hospital
  • Avoidance of neck and shoulder tension
  • Maintains the natural S-shape of your spine
  • Provides optimal support and sitting posture
  • Achieves a natural balance in the body
  • Allows freedom of movement in the back, arms, and legs
  • The blood flows freely throughout the body

Additional functions for our chairs

Below, the chairs are categorized within their functions.

We have designed these features to give you the best opportunities to sit ergonomically correct, so you can avoid sick days due to muscle and joint pain.

Foot-operated chairs

This helps you adjust the height of the chair with your feet. Under the foot base is an extra metal ring. Simply step on it when you want to adjust your seated height. An ideal function if you work in a sterile environment and need to lower or raise your seated height without using your hands

Chairs with foot-operator
Chairs with Flex-function

Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist and has a unique, flexible seat, which can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. This allows the chair to support you in extreme working positions when sitting bent over a patient. At the same time, it provides a naturally active sitting position that strengthens yours core muscles and balance.

Chairs with Flex-function
Chairs with ring bar

The ring bar is not a backrest, but an attractive handle that you can grab hold of when you want to move the chair before sitting on it.

Chairs with ring bar
Standard chairs

All our clinic chairs are designed to give you the best sitting comfort and support you in the stressful sitting positions which often are associated with working in the health care sector.

Standard chairs for health care
Why should you choose an
ergonomic chair?

Our ergonomic chairs make it easy for you to move around your patient.

The chair is designed so that you have plenty of space for your legs and feet, and get an optimal working position close to the patient.

In addition, the ergonomically shaped seat provides good support in the challenging sitting positions that are often associated with working in the hospital.

Why should a Dynamostol be your first choice when working in the healthcare sector?

Since 1984, we have been developing ergonomic chairs for individuals working in professions that subject their bodies to strenuous and heavy loads. Particularly within the healthcare sector, we have observed that twisting of the body and straining sitting positions can lead to long-term muscle and joint pain, which may result in prolonged sick leave.

The active ergonomic saddle chair

When working in the healthcare sector, you need to perform both physically and mentally. It is well-known that workloads are often too high, and time pressures are intense. The body and mind experience maximum strain, and no one can endure that indefinitely. With our chairs, we aim to relieve the strain in situations where work can be performed while sitting. Many of our customers have discovered a whole new world when trying our chair. They have been accustomed to sitting on traditional chairs that rendered them passive and confined with backrests, armrests, and a seat height that was too low.

We believe that only the best chair is good enough for those working in the healthcare industry. You need a chair that provides you with freedom of movement, allowing you to focus on your work with patients.

Ergonomic chairs with casters offer perfect balance in challenging work situations. The casters enable you to navigate the chair easily without exerting unnecessary effort, giving you a sense of lightness. This realisation has been an eye-opener for many who have tried the chair.

The concept of being active has always been important to our founder, Claus Lundsgaard, and therefore, it naturally became part of our product philosophy. A chair with wheels that provides perfect balance gives you a feeling of almost floating above the floor. This eye-opening experience continues to help thousands of users every day.

You should choose our chairs because:

They are designed to meet your needs in challenging work positions. An ergonomic chair is characterised by some simple logical features:

    • Ergonomically, you encounter an optimal work tool.
    • The chair is comfortable and allows you to be physically active.
    • The special design makes the chair easy to handle and move around.
    • The chair's wheels contribute to dynamic movement.


Why choose an ergonomic chair?

Because it enables you to perform your work without compromising your own health. Our ergonomic chair follows and supports you in the challenging sitting positions you may encounter in your work.

Built on experience

In 1984, Claus Lundsgaard designed a work chair with the intention of revolutionising the way we sit. He had been struggling with unexplained back pain for a while. His chiropractor suggested lying on the couch until the pain subsided. However, for an active man like Claus, that was not an option. At that time, he had a sedentary job as a financial manager in a large company and spent many hours sitting on his office chair at the desk.

Claus began to observe when the pain was strongest. It was after a long day at the office. It was not during weekends when he was active and on the move. Thus, the idea of a dynamic and active sitting position emerged. Claus wanted to develop an ergonomic office chair that he could sit on all day without discomfort, while feeling mentally alert and physically active.

He based his approach on the rider's position - the rider who could sit on a horse all day without experiencing back pain. He started by removing the backrest and armrests as they were unnecessary. He bought a lump of clay from the hardware store and shaped the seat based on a pelvis. He imagined that the solution would be found in the body's anatomy - that his task was to design a chair that would help the body achieve a perfect and natural sitting position.

Design and ergonomics are inherent to us!

To us, good design is proof that we have carefully considered the creation of our products. That's why we have partnered with some of the world's most talented designers.

In the late 1990s, Nanna Ditzel crafted the Dynamostol InCharge, where the globally renowned furniture architect merged ergonomics and design into a timeless expression that never becomes outdated.

Anders P. Jensen, who has a background as a designer at B&O, Heka-Dental, and Samsung, was entrusted in 2016 with the task of updating the Classic chair to a more contemporary design. This resulted in the Dynamostol ReForm, which brilliantly carries forward the tradition of active sitting, united with beautiful and functional design.