Ergonomic chairs

Many adults in many different industries sit down every single day for many hours. When spending a long time in a sitting position, it is important to have a good chair that allows you to exercise physically. Our ergonomic chairs will in this case be a good choice as they give you the freedom to sit actively and dynamically. The body is not created to sit still, therefore it is hugely important that you move, to avoid having problems with the back, neck, shoulders and internal organs.

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A revolution for ergonomic chairs. Designed by Nanna Ditzel
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Designed by the founder of Dynamostol Claus Lundsgaard
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A re-design of the original Classic chair, designed by Anders Jensen
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Choose a healthy lifestyle with an ergonomic chair

There are many good reasons why you should choose an ergonomic chair from Dynamostol, there are the health benefits like it is good for the back, posture and mobility. With our ergonomic chair you will get a dynamic sitting position, you can always be able to find an active sitting position, so you will be able to sit down for several hours without straining either shoulders, back or neck. You will certainly sense that the many seated hours are much more active, and you will even become more efficient and concentrated - even in the late afternoon hours.

Ergonomic chairs in aesthetic design from Dynamostol

From Dynamostol you will get an ergonomic chair in good quality and a beautiful design. We runs three different series of ergonomic chairs, Classic, InCharge and Reform, in which you can find different materials, colors and heights. It all started with the Classic chair, an ergonomic chair without backrest, which forces you to sit strong and actively all day. This series of chairs also provides support and the opportunity to maintain in a healthy and proper working posture throughout the day. The InCharge chair is designed by Nanna Ditzel. It is a stylish and elegant ergonomic chair, which is created in a simple and timeless design. In addition to being healthy for the back, shoulders and neck, the InCharge chair fits into any office decoration, and will increase you and your colleagues' efficiency. Dynamostol Reform is our latest design. This chair is a redesign of the Classic chair and thus offers the same ergonomic principles as the Classic chair. This chair gives you a great opportunity to prevent work-related injuries, and gives you the energy to handle even the most challenging working positions at the job.

Try an ergonomic chair

If you are ready to change your working habits, you have to try an ergonomic chair from Dynamostol. We want you to experience the benefits of sitting actively for yourself. Once you try our chair, we are certain you will never look back. We therefore offer a 14-day trial period on your purchase, and if you want to return your chair, we pay for return shipping and offer a full refund. Read more about how to "try a chair here" . Order your chair today and we’ll bring it to you within 2 - 6 days (free shipping in the EU). If within the 14 days trial period you realise you don’t want to keep it, let us know and we’ll pick it up again - with a free return shipping and refund you the full amount of your purchase. If you have any questions or need advice on the choice of chair you are always welcome to contact us by phone at +4570883441 or e-mail