Chairs for Hospital

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Our ergonomic work chairs make it easy for you to move around your patient. The chair has a small foot cross of 50 cm in diameter, it provides plenty of space for your legs so you effortlessly can move around. At the same time, our ergonomic chairs provide good support in the challenging posture associated with your work. All the chairs are available in faux leather or microfiber, which is easy to keep clean.

Three models

We have three models of ergonomic chairs for you who work in the health sector:
InCharge, ReForm and Classic.

See more below and find the chair for you


InCharge, can be considered as a revolution in ergonomic work chairs. Based on the body's physical need to be active, Nanna Ditzel has designed an elegant and functional chair, which gives you control over your working position. The idea is that it should be easy and effortless to move the chair around in all work situations and at the same time provide support in the extreme posture positions. The chair weighs half of what a normal chair weighs and it does not take up much space, therefore it will be the perfect choice if you work in healthcare.


ReForm has a streamlined and elegant look. An ergonomic chair, with a functional and supportive function. It is designed to give you the best sitting position where you can prevent work injuries such as pain in the lower back, neck and back pain which can occur when you have challenging working positions where you sit in an uncomfortable sitting position. The chair is designed by Anders Peter Jensen.


The Classic chair has over the last 30 years helped a lot of people to a better everyday life through an active and healthy sitting position. The soft and easy-running castors make it easy for you to move around. The classic chair will be a natural choice for you who want an ergonomic tools that can form the basis for a healthy and active work environment.

Extra features to choose for your chair.

There are three additional features that you have to be aware of when choosing your chair.

Foot control: This function helps you to adjust the height of the chair with your feet. Below the footrest there is an extra metal ring that you easily can step on when you need to adjust your seat height. It is an optimal feature when you work in a sterile environment and need to raise or lower your seat height without using your hands.

Flex: Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist and has a unique, flexible seat, which can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. This allows the chair to support you in extreme working positions when sitting bent over a patient. At the same time, it provides a naturally active sitting position that strengthens yours core muscles and balance.

NOTE! This feature can only be selected for InCharge

Ring bar: The ring bar should not be considered as a backrest, but a beautiful handle that you can grab when you have to move the chair before sitting on it.

NOTE! The ring bar is permanently mounted on InCharge, but can be deselected.