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35 years

have our chairs helped people to achieve a better working posture
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You're guaranteed to find the ideal chair for your job in a care home in one of our three models: InCharge, ReForm and Classic.

Dynamostol believes in a philosophy based on providing ergonomic support and strengthening the body, which all of our three models do. Consider the chairs as a work tool that make it easier for you to move around. The chairs have been designed to help the body sit actively and to support you in challenging work situations, so that you avoid work-related injuries.

The optimal chair for working in a care home

We have three models to choose from:

InCharge, ReForm and Classic.

Read more about these models further down the page.

InCharge for nursing homes

The InCharge chair was designed by Nanna Ditzel in 1998. This chair revolutionised the ergonomic work chair and is designed for you to be in control of your work situation. The chair is based on human anatomy and gives your spine a natural S-shape so that you don't slump in your seat, as often happens on a conventional office chair. The seat is pelvis-shaped, ensuring your working posture is as natural as possible. The chair has also been designed to be easy to move around and to support the body's need to move.

ReForm for nursing homes

ReForm has a simple and minimalist design. It also supports you and encourages you to sit actively. This ergonomic chair helps prevent work-related injuries, such as pain in the lumbar, neck and back. All pain that can arise from repetitive strain from your working posture, as can happen when working in a care home.

Classic for nursing homes

The Classic chair is the original Dynamostol chair. Designed by founder Claus Lundsgaard, this chair has for more than 30 years helped give many people a better working day with a more active sitting posture. The ergonomic chair has smooth-running wheels, making it easy to move around, and is a natural choice for anyone wanting a chair as a fundamental part of a healthy working environment. The chair helps you work more proactively and with the aim of reducing injuries long-term.
ideal for care homes?

Common to all three models is that they:

β€’ They give you optimal support in challenging working postures and work situations.

β€’ They give you an active working posture with plenty of freedom to move and to activate the body.

β€’ They make it quick and easy for you to manoeuvre around the work place.

β€’ They have a simple and elegant Scandinavian design.

β€’ They are easy to clean and they stay presentable.