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InCharge Clinic

The InCharge has revolutionised the world of ergonomic work chairs. Based on the body's physical need to be active, Nanna Ditzel designed an elegant and functional work chair that gives you control over your working posture. The idea was to make the chair easy and effortless to move around whatever the work situation, while also supporting the user during extreme working postures. The chair is half the weight of a standard chair, and doesn't take up much room either, making it the perfect option when you work in a dental clinic.

InCharge for Clinic
ReForm Clinic

ReForm has a streamlined and elegant look. An ergonomic chair that is functional and supportive. It is designed to give you the best sitting posture, helping to prevent work injuries such as pain in the lumbar, neck and back, which can arise from working in challenging positions with uncomfortable postures. The chair is designed by Anders Peter Jensen.

ReForm for Clinic
Classic Clinic

Over the last 30 years, this chair has helped many people have a better working day by enabling them to sit more actively. The smooth-running wheels make it easy to move around. The Classic chair is a natural choice for anyone looking for an ergonomic work tool as part of a healthy and active working environment.

Classic for Clinic
Ergonomic Chair
  • Avoidance of neck and shoulder tension
  • Maintains the natural S-shape of your spine
  • Provides optimal support and sitting posture
  • Achieves a natural balance in the body
  • Allows freedom of movement in the back, arms, and legs
  • The blood flows freely throughout the body

Which additional features can you choose for your chair?

Below, the clinic chairs are categorized based on their functionalities. We have designed these different features to provide you with the best options for sitting ergonomically correct. You will experience that you and your colleagues will have fewer sick days due to muscle and joint pain.

Foot-operated Clinic chairs

This feature helps you to adjust the height of the chair with your feet. Under the foot base is an extra metal ring. Simply step on it when you want to adjust your seated height. An ideal function if you work in a sterile environment and need to lower or raise your seated height without using your hands.

Clinic chairs with foot-operator
Clinic chairs with flex function in the seat

The Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist. It has a unique and flexible seat that can tilt 11 degrees in all directions. This enables the chair to further support you during extreme working postures when you are bent over a patient. And it gives you an active sitting posture that strengthens your core muscles and balance.

Clinic chairs with flex funktion
Clinic chairs with ring bar

The ring bar is often mistaken for a backrest, but it's not. It is an elegant handle that makes it easy for you to move the chair without having to bend down.

Clinic chairs with ring bar
Standard clinic chairs

All our clinic chairs are designed to give you the best sitting comfort and support you in the stressful sitting positions which often are associated with working in a dental clinic.

Standard clinic chairs
Dental Clinic chairs

Our ergonomic clinic chairs make it easy for you to move around the patient chair. The small base has a diameter of 50 cm, providing ample space for your legs and feet, and ensuring an optimal working position close to the patient. Furthermore, the ergonomically shaped seat provides excellent support in the challenging work positions often associated with your work in the dental clinic. Moreover, all our chairs are upholstered with artificial leather or microfiber, which is easy to clean.

Ergonomic chairs for dental clinics

Why choose a chair form Dynamostol for your dental clinic?

Because you want the best work tool that gives you optimal support every day when working in the types of positions that come with being a dentist. You get this support because an ergonomic operator chair is based on human anatomy. It is designed for people who spend hours a day sitting down.

Many other operator chairs are shaped like a horse's saddle, a classic saddle chair where you initially feel like you are sitting comfortably. But because you are not on top of a moving horse, you end up straining your hips in an unnatural outward rotation, which in the long run can be harmful and cause unpleasant pain in the hip joints.

The same happens if you choose a traditional dentist's chair or operator chair with backrest and armrest. You become passive and gradually lose your muscle strength and energy. You start to slump and strain your back, shoulders and neck, but, above all, it impacts your circulation. Your blood circulation is impacted when working in a sedentary position on a traditional chair with a backrest and armrest.

Many of our customers work in the health sector and in laboratories, which is why we work with professionals such as dentists, hygienists and clinic assistants to refine our products so that they suit the demanding work at a dental clinic.

Why is Dynamostol the perfect chair for a dental clinic?

  1. You get an optimal ergonomic work tool.
  2. It is easy to clean, thanks to a simple and minimalist design, and the wipeable, cleaning-friendly cover.
  3. The chair is easy to handle, manoeuvre and get on and off.

When should you choose a Dynamostol for your dental clinic?

  • If you are able to choose the height of the unit/patient chair or the sit/stand desk, then choose a chair from Dynamostol that gives you an open angle between the hips and knee. This will keep your back straight.
  • If you are performing an operation, we recommend you choose a foot-operated chair, where you can adjust the height with your foot. You avoid having to adjust the height of the chair with your hands, thereby maintaining the sterile environment. This means you generally increase the level of hygiene at the clinic.
  • If you want to train your muscles a bit more, we have an accessory called the Flex function, which we developed together with the Dutch physiotherapist Wim Don. Flex means the seat is flexible. This means that when you sit on the chair it feels almost like sitting on a Pilates ball, plus you get the benefit of sitting on a perfectly shaped seat. 

You might think you can't possibly work or focus on such a chair, but you can and you'll love the feeling of being active as opposed to sitting passively with a backrest and armrest that only STOP you from moving freely.

Which model should you choose?

That's a good question. Because it's easy to get confused when presented with Dynamostol's three models InChargeClassic and ReForm. The ergonomic principles apply to all three chairs, so it's just a case of finding which chair suits you best. We would like to share our experiences here, although these are just a guide.

If you are short or have short legs, then in our experience the Classic or Reform would be the preferred option.

Neither the InCharge, Classic or ReForm are wide chairs. But the Classic and Reform are slightly narrower than the InCharge. This means that you can sit almost with your legs completely together. This has no ergonomic significance, but is more a case of personal preference and what you find most comfortable.

You should generally sit higher on a chair from Dynamostol than on a traditional chair, but not so high that the elevation at the front of the seat presses unnecessarily on your pubic bone, because this is uncomfortable and of no ergonomic benefit.

The designers behind our chairs:

Dynamostol's founder, Claus Lundsgaard, designed the Dynamostol Classic, which has been on the market for more than 35 years. A functional and ergonomic classic that has given 10,000 people a better and more active day.

The Dynamostol InCharge was designed by the world-famous furniture designer Nanna Ditzel in 1998. A functional gem that benefits many people all over the world every day.

When the Classic had been on the market for 30 years, we let designer Anders P. Jensen create an updated version. The result was the ReForm chair, which is currently positioned in the market as a natural follow-on from the Classic.