Chairs for you
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A good ergonomic
work chair

We provide ergonomic work chairs that make it easy for you to move around effortlessly, which is important in your job caring for other people. The chairs come with smooth-running wheels for effortless movement. The chairs give you support where you need it, and unlimited freedom of movement. All the chairs are quick and easy to adjust to your different work situations, and are suitable for everyone to use - which is why they are your optimal work tool when working in care.

Our three basic models

We recommend three different ergonomic work chairs:

InCharge, ReForm and Classic.

read more about each model further down the page.

InCharge for rehab

Nanna Ditzel designed the InCharge chair to be a support, not a hindrance. It doesn't take up much room and the seat is shaped so that it both relieves and supports you in challenging working postures. The InCharge lets you move around easily and effortlessly whatever your work situation.

ReForm for rehab

An ergonomic and functional work chair that helps you sit correctly, preventing pain in your lumbar region, neck and back, which can develop when you work in compromising work positions. The chair is easy to adjust, and is perfect for working environments where many people are likely to use it. The chair is minimalist and elegant and designed by Anders Peter Jensen.

Classic for rehab

Classic is Dynamostol's first model ever made. Over the last 30 years, the chair has helped many people have a better working day by enabling them to work without suffering from pain in the lumbar, neck and back. The chair has smooth-running wheels, making it easy to move around on. The Classic model is a great choice for anyone looking for a simple ergonomic chair as part of a healthy and active working environment.

Other functions you can add to your chair:

Flex:Β The Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist. A unique function that allows you to strengthen your core while seated. The seat can tilt 11 degrees in all directions, so that it follows your movements and supports you during challenging working postures. A unique opportunity to create flexibility and balance in your body.

NB! This function is only available for InCharge.

Ring bar:Β Don't mistake the ring bar for a backrest. The grip handle is a practical handle that you can grab hold of when you want to move the chair, or position the chair when you sit on it.

NB! The ring bar is fixed in the InCharge model, but can be removed if you so wish.


Common to all three models is that they:

β€’ Support you in stressful work positions and postures.

β€’ Give you freedom of movement without any restrictions.

β€’ Make it easy for you to move around and adjust the height.

β€’ Have a simple and minimalist design - they don't take up much room.

β€’ Are easy to clean.