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Ergonomic treatment chairs

We provide ergonomic work chair that make it easy for you to work around your patient during treatments. All the chairs feature smooth-running wheels that are easy to roll around on. The chairs give you support where you need it, and unlimited freedom of movement. The height is easily adjusted to suit different work situations, and both relieves and strengthen your back during your working day.

Three basic models

Choose from three basic models in our ergonomic work chair range:

InCharge, ReForm and Classic.


The InCharge chair was designed by Nanna Ditzel at the start of the 1990s. The idea behind the chair was to support the body without restricting it. The chair doesn't take up much room and the seat is shaped so that it both relieves and supports you in stressful working positions. The InCharge is half the weight of a conventional chair, which makes it easy to move around while you are sitting on it.


Classic is the model that Dynamostol was founded on, almost 35 years ago. This chair has given many people a better working life, as it allows people to work without developing pain in the lumbar, back and neck. The chair has smooth-running wheels, making it easy to move around on. The Classic chair was developed by founder Claus Lundsgaard, based on his own experience of pain while sitting.

Other functions you can add to your chair:

Flex: The Flex function was developed by a Dutch physiotherapist. This is a unique function that allows you to strengthen your core while sitting down. The Flex function enables the seat to tilt 11 degrees in all directions, so that it follows your movements and supports you during challenging working positions. This is a unique opportunity to create flexibility and balance in your body..

NB. This function is only available for InCharge..

Ring bar:The ring bar is not a backrest, but a practical handle that you grab hold of when moving the chair.

NB! The grip handle is fixed on the InCharge model. It is removable, should you prefer your chair without one.

Common to all three models:

• Support your back in challenging work positions.

• Give you freedom of movement.

• Are easy to height-adjust.

• Have a simple and minimalist design that doesn't take up much room.

• Are easy to clean.

Dynamostol - the active treatment chair

We have been developing ergonomic treatment chairs for treatment providers and therapists since 1984. We offer treatment chairs both with and without backrest, but they are all ergonomic and encourage you to adopt an active sitting posture. The first model was designed and made based on a vision to balance and strengthen the body, even while sitting. This gives you energy to perform at your best every day, so that your patients get the best possible treatment and experience every time.

The active chair for people who work in the health sector

When you work as a doctor, vet, nurse, reflexologist, ergotherapist, chiropodist or physiotherapist or similar, both your body and mind have to be able to perform. A whole new world opens up for our customers who try our chairs. They have been used to sitting on traditional chairs, where they felt restricted and locked into position by backrests, armrests and a seated height that is much too low.

Many have also found that the seat on their traditional chair was much too big. They were unable to reach the ground, unless they sat right on the edge of their seat. Other users have enjoyed using saddle chairs, where the seat is shaped like a horse's saddle. This seems comfortable at first, but many people quickly find that their legs are forced apart in an outward rotating movement that really strains the pelvis. The lower back is fixed into position because the legs are spread. This means you don't strengthen the lower back, you simply force it into a fixed posture and keep the muscles inactive.

You should choose our treatment chair because:

It is based on your needs when working in difficult positions. An ergonomic treatment chair is defined by a few simple, logical features:

• You get an ergonomically optimal work tool.
• The chair is comfortable and allows you to be physically active.
• The special design makes the chair easy to handle and move around.
• The wheels on the chair help you to move dynamically.

A treatment chair with wheels

Only the best chair is good enough for those working in the health sector. You need a chair that allows you to move freely, so you can stay focused on your patient.

The treatment chair with wheels keeps you perfectly balanced during difficult work situations. The wheels make it easy for you to effortlessly move the chair around. The feeling of lightness you get has been a real eye opener for many who have tried the chair.

Being active has always been important to our founder, and is therefore a natural part of our product philosophy. A chair with wheels, where you are perfectly balanced, makes you feel like you're floating above the ground. This is an eye opener that continues to help thousands of users every day.

Built on experience

In 1984, Claus Lundsgaard designed a work chair based on a desire to revolutionise the way we sit. For a long time, he had been suffering with inexplicable back pain. His chiropractor suggested that he lay down on his sofa until the pain disappeared. But for an active man like Claus, this was not an option. At that point, he had a sedentary job as a finance manager for a large company, and spent many hours sitting in his office chair at his desk.

Claus began to observe when the pain was at its worst. It was always after a long day at the office. It was never at the weekends, when he was active and always moving. That's when he began thinking about a dynamic and active sitting posture. Claus wanted to develop an office chair that was comfortable enough to sit on for an entire day, but which also kept you feeling energised and physically active.

Claus began with the horseback rider posture - a rider can sit on a horse all day long without getting back pain. He started by removing backrests and armrests - these were superfluous. He bought a lump of clay from his local DIY store and created a seat that was pelvis-shaped. He imagined that the solution lay in the body's anatomy - and he began designing a chair that would help the body achieve a perfect and natural sitting posture.

Design and ergonomics are a matter of course!

For us, good design is proof that we have put thought into our products. That's why we have joined forces with some of the world's most talented designers.

At the end of the 1990s, Nanna Ditzel designed the Dynamostol InCharge. Here this world-renowned furniture architect combined ergonomics and design in a timeless design that will never be outdated.

In 2016, Anders P. Jensen, a former designer at B&O, Heka-Dental and Samsung, was given the task of updating the Classic chair into a more modern version. The result was the Dynamostol ReForm, which continues the tradition of the active sitting posture in a beautiful and functional design.